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World [1] is currently: Online!

World [2] is currently: Offline!

Welcome to OS-Reality

OS-Reality is a server designed to give you, the players, the best experience we can offer. With a team of the most elite and experienced developers and staff, we are capable of making your 317 server dreams come to life. Always keeping it fun, professional, and efficient, the staff team is here to create a server worth playing and an uplifting community for the players to thrive in. Taking every suggestion into consideration, we want to hear from you to improve the game according to your standards. With new content, an elite staff team, and an amazing community, we welcome you to join us over at OS-Reality.

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OS-Reality New's

Hey Guys; We are searching for (Website Developer,Forums MOD,Forums Coder (Ip Board) Forums,Game Developer,And for staff.. Please don't Ask for staff just earn it) Thanks. Os-Reality Development Team.

Os-Reality (Beta)

Hey Legends we are still on beta stages and will stay on it until we finish everey thing 100% and make the server amazing and #1Osrs on the World But we can't do these alone we need your support so guys what are you waiting for join now and start support us And ofc don't forgot to invite your friends